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Easy Sync


Easily sync Facebook friend pictures to the phone contacts!Each friend can be added as a new contact or linked to an existing contact. Once they linked, with single touch, all the pictures can be sync to the phone. You will never miss your friend updated picture.
Buttons:"Add": add the friend as a new contact. Single touch to add it to the contact book."Select": select a contact to link to the friend"Sync": sync the friend picture to the linked contact. Be aware that the previous icon will be gone."Unlink": remove the link to the contact
Menu"Reload Friends": reload all the friends and their pictures"Sync All Pictures": sync all the linked friends and contacts
To make the contact selection easypress menu to display all contacts or just the contacts with phone numberstype a letter in search box to narrow the list.
If you need more time to test, please let us know and we are quite flexible.